Action Learning Pathway – Full

Read the Design Summary first


When I asked Looby Macnamara to be my tutor one of her requirements was that the first design I did was to design my ‘Action Learning Pathway’ through my diploma using the design web. Thankfully she gave me a list of questions for each anchor point to answer before our first tutorial. I can’t say I found this a very easy design to get started with, but I have definitely reaped many yields from it over the last two and a half years and I am very grateful for Looby initiating it.

The Design

First Version

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See the images in big.

First Year Review




Letter of Appreciation to myself

Letter of Appreciation to myself

Second Version

See the images in big.

Design Diversity Evaluation

As part of my first version of my learning pathway I created the ‘Design Diversity Analyser’ to allow me to check out as I went how diverse my portfolio was. There were a range of criteria, such as design framework (with symbols) that went in the central window and then there was a card for each design with all of the applicable symbols on it, such as a web for the design web.

Broader diploma patterns

An overview of my diploma journeys themes, patterns and milestones can be found in my Learning Journal Summary.

Overall Evaluation

Design Framework Evaluation: Design Web

Design framework evaluation

Tools used Evaluation

Design tools evaluation

Design Process Evaluation

Design process evaluation

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