Action Learning Pathway – Summary

Designing the learning pathway I took through this diploma, keeping me on track to gain the yields that I wanted (and more) from the journey.

People based designDesign Framework: design webPersonal designDesigned alone

Design period: January 2013 – May 2015

Client: Myself

Why is this design included?

This is the design of my diploma, so it has been a constant design throughout the process, supporting its success and it is a great design for pulling together all of the learnings and the overall journey from my diploma. It is my longest running design.


To successfully complete my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, meeting my desired outcomes within the limits that existed.

Key learning

Key Learning

Top tips

Top Tips

Design tools used

Design tools used

Skills practiced

Skills practiced





Design Process

ALP flower

My version two flower with the design process for both versions in the middle. Blue for version 1 and Black for version 2.

Writing up and Evaluation

Writing up and evaluation

Evaluation tools used

Evaluation tools used



Now go to the full design write up.

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