Deepening into the Directions

When: Thursday mornings (10.00- 13.00) nearest to the Earth Festivals (full dates below)

Where: Various locations around Totnes and DartingtonDSCF8688

Facilitators: Kerry Lane

Investment: through gift culture, see below

Course Summary: Nearly everything in the 8 Shields is organised around the 8 directions, whose essence (in the 8 Shields map) originated from the intuitive understandings of school children about the different times of day and year. So connecting with a deeper embodied understanding of the directions is a beautiful way of getting a flavour of or journeying further into the diversity of 8 Shields teachings. I am offering an accessible opportunity for those of our community who would like to go on this journey together, some of us have already been journeying for the past six months and now I am opening it up for more people to join us as we dive into the wintery directions.

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