Icon Key and Contents Page

Icon Key

Design Subject

Land based design  People based design

Design Framework used

Design Framework: SADIMET  Design Framework: design web

Number of designers involved

Designed alone  Designed in a pair  Group design

Who was the design for?

Design for a client  Personal design


Contents of each design


  • One sentence summary
  • Design icons
  • Design period
  • Client
  • Why is this design included?
  • Aims
  • Key Learning
  • Top tips
  • Design tools used
  • Skills practiced
  • Ethics
  • Principles
  • Design Process diagram
  • Writing up and evaluation
  • Evaluation tools used
  • Appreciation

Full Design Write up

  • Background
  • The Design content
  • Overall Evaluation
  • Design Framework evaluation
  • Tools used evaluation
  • Design process evaluation

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