The purpose of this blog is as a home for my portfolio of designs which I produced as part of my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design with the UK Permaculture Association. I want it to be a resource for others on their diploma journeys or who are learning about Permaculture. If you are new to Permaculture you might want to check out some of the basics first before diving into this blog.

On this blog you will find write ups of my portfolio designs with two versions of each – a summary post and a full post. They are written with the intention that you read the summary first and then follow on to the full design.

There are also a range of supporting documents that go with my portfolio. For a general overview of my journey you might want to read The Story of my Diploma and my Learning Journal summary.

I am very happy for any of my work to be creatively reused and recycled. I would appreciate some recognition for it and please respect any potentially confidential information, such as client’s names, which I don’t necessarily have permission for using beyond this portfolio. If in doubt, ask me.

So browse, enjoy and feel free to leave feedback.

You can also check out the key to the design icons and the generic contents page for the design.

The Designs

Map of portfolio designs

Double click to enlarge

Allotment design – Summary and Full write up

Membership Organisation design – Summary and Full write up

Alumni Network design – Summary and Full write up

Diploma Support Day design – Summary and Full write up

Facilitator Livelihood Pathway design – Summary and Full write up

Veg Patch design – Summary and Full write up

Garage design – Summary and Full write up – temporarily unavailable

New Bedroom design – Summary and Full write up

Facilitating the IPCUK Neighbourhoods design process – Summary and Full write up

Action Learning Pathway – Summary and Full write up


Other Portfolio Documents

The story of my diploma journey (Review of relevant activities)

My Permaculture Designer profile

Supporting evidence

Self Assessment Summary

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