Allotment Design – Full


My mum has had an allotment for a while, she likes the idea of it and likes to grow her own food, but found it hard to get down there often enough to make it work. This led to a spiral of erosion of not putting enough time in and so things not working and it all becoming a big extra stress and burden. As I had not long ago done my permaculture design course and wanted to have a go at putting it in to practice and because I am always on the look out for good, personalised, low cost presents I offered to do my mum a permaculture design of her allotment for her Christmas present (2012). This suggestion went down well and so the process started.

My mum lives in Buckinghamshire in a small town and the allotments are 20 mins walk/5 mins drive from her house.  She actually only has half an allotment. The person who originally had the other half was enthusiastic about permaculture and after many complaints from the allotment committee he got asked to leave because his allotment was too messy.

My mum’s job is running an eco-centre at the local school, it was only established a couple of years ago and so they are in the process of getting a veg garden up and running there.

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