Facilitating the IPCUK Neighbourhoods design process – Summary

Designing how to facilitate a small team with a diversity of permaculture experience, but no knowledge of the design web, to design the Neighbourhoods at the International Permaculture Convergence in London in 2015, through online collaboration.

People based designDesign Framework: design webDesign for a clientDesigned alone

Design period: February 2015 – April 2015

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Membership Organisation Design – summary

A group design, all of us fairly new to permaculture and having never used the design web before. The purpose of the design was to assess and tweak the UK membership organisation for Humanistic Psychology practitioners to make it resilient and regenerative.

People based designDesign Framework: design webDesign for a clientGroup design

Design period: December 2012 to September 2013

Client: UK Association of Humanistic Psychology Practioners – UKAHPP (represented by Jessica Smith). They covered our travel expenses for the design weekend.

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