Deepening into the Directions

When: Thursday mornings (10.00- 13.00) nearest to the Earth Festivals (full dates below)

Where: Various locations around Totnes and DartingtonDSCF8688

Facilitators: Kerry Lane

Investment: through gift culture, see below

Course Summary: Nearly everything in the 8 Shields is organised around the 8 directions, whose essence (in the 8 Shields map) originated from the intuitive understandings of school children about the different times of day and year. So connecting with a deeper embodied understanding of the directions is a beautiful way of getting a flavour of or journeying further into the diversity of 8 Shields teachings. I am offering an accessible opportunity for those of our community who would like to go on this journey together, some of us have already been journeying for the past six months and now I am opening it up for more people to join us as we dive into the wintery directions.

Full Details

Over the last six months an intrepid group of explorers have been journeying with the energies of the seasons, connecting with them at their peak, journeying with them personally in between and then sharing their stories and harvests at the next gathering. It has been a beautiful and rich journey so far and we would love to invite more explorers to join our group as we journey forwards. We will start with a gathering with just the new explorers to get an overview of all of the directions and the basics of what the 8 Shields is and then from the December gathering onwards we will all gather together. This first gathering will be a few hours longer to make sure we have enough time to build ourselves a good foundation. We will have a shared lnch together and finish at 16.00.

As we journey round the cycle of the season we will visit  each directions energy at its season peak and see what gifts it has to offer us. In each of these gatherings we have fun connecting with the energy of a particular direction, which we then journey with individually. At our next gathering there is an opportunity to harvest our insights and learnings and give gratitude for that direction before moving round the wheel to the next one.

It is up to everyone to personally choose how they journey with the directions and what aspects of them they choose to focus on. We collect inspiration, resources and ideas in our gatherings together with which we can all tailor our own journeys.

We have a mixture of indoor circle and creative time and outdoor activities, depending on the direction and what nature offers us on the day.

FacilitatingWho is it for?
Anyone with an interest in the 8 Shields who would like to go on a collective and personal journey of connecting to the seasonal energies.


Samhain (North West) and Introduction to the 8 shields – 22nd November (10.00-16.00)

Winter solstice (North) – 20th December

Imbolc (North East) – 31st January 2019

Spring Equinox (East)  – 21st March 2019

Beltane (Pulling it all together or deciding to journey on round the wheel if there is enough interest) – 2nd May 2019

What to bring

  • Enthusiasm and curiosity
  • Notebook and pens
  • Suitable clothing and footwear for being outside

Further Investment details

I believe that gift culture is an important element to explore as our new culture emerges. I want to offer these gatherings as a gift and to trust that what I am offering will be valued and that the gifts given in return will meet my needs.

I believe that it is very easy when paying with money for this to be a disconnecting experience as we immediately ‘settle the balance’ and therefore no longer have any obligation to be in relationship with that other person. By stepping into gift culture I hope that the more fluid value of the gifts will mean that no-one will necessarily know whether they are in debt to another person and this is a good thing as it means that we all have a reason to continue being connected to and helping each other.

My intention in choosing gift exchange is to create fertile ground for connection to grow. So it is really important to me that, although it might stretch some of our edges, everyone feels safe enough with it that it doesn’t create disconnection. So please do let me know if it doesn’t feel safe enough to you, as that is very important to me. I also accept the responsibility for having chosen to explore this method of exchange so I welcome whatever comes from it as part of the learning. In honour of that I will ceremonially release any remaining expectations of exchange 6 months after we finish, letting the cycle flow on and compost into fertile soil.

My dream is to live in a society where we can all be giving our unique gifts freely and getting our needs met by our community without the need for direct exchange all the time. Unfortunately I am not quite living my dream yet and so I am expecting something in direct exchange from each of you. I also recognise that everything, including money, holds a different value for different people. Ten pounds for me has a different value to £10 for you, the same with a massage or a bag of wild garlic. So as I do not currently have a way of quantifying exchanges that takes into account their differing value for each of us I am not going to hold any expectations as to the ‘value’ of exchange I receive. I will just see what happens and learn from it!

I have no expectations around when an exchange happens, it can be for each session or all at once or in a few bits, whatever flows. I am also very happy to receive money or other things. You are all wonderful people with your own unique gifts that I would be honoured to receive some of. I can also keep updating my list of things I need if that is helpful to anyone.

In case you haven’t gathered yet this is an exploration and so if you want to help me fine tune the process that would be very welcome. This process need to cycle round the wheel and evolve like everything else!

Come along and find out what the gatherings are worth to you and if you would like to offer me a gift that would be lovely. I will provide a list of some of my current needs so you have an idea of what I might want. You are also welcome to give me the gift of money if that is what works for you, it is a useful resource in our current world.

Please do not let the unfamiliarity of this stop you from coming, if you are uncomfortable with it then please do get in touch and we can arrange something.

Booking Information

Let me know if you have any more questions on kerry.a.lane [at] and then fill out the booking form. There are limited spaces available on this, so book soon to avoid disappointment.

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