My Top 5 Diploma Resources

It has been interesting to consider the resources that I have used during the diploma. I haven’t actually used a massive range as the ones that I have used are packed full of masses of knowledge and techniques that I had more than enough ground truthing to do with just a few as well as careful attention to all of my personal learnings.

  1. People and Permaculture by Looby Macnamara – so many ideas, shifts in thinking, tools and techniques to play with. It has been an invaluable resource in my exploration of the design web. I will continue to learn from it for years to come I imagine.
  2. Permaculture Design by Aranya – my other key guide to the other main design framework I have used SADIMET as well as valuable techniques for land-based permaculture which I wasn’t introduced to on my PDC. A really thorough and easy to follow guide.
  3. Permaculture Magazine – so much inspiration and knowledge on so many things relevant to permaculture, especially now that you have access to the entire back catalogue! So often I have picked up inspiration for a design in one of the articles.
  4. Letting in the Wild Edges by Glennie Kindred – this book really helped me to name and explore my passion for the edges between human and more than human nature. Shifts in thinking and practical approaches, particularly for my land-based designs and health and wellbeing.
  5. Diploma facebook group – there are always interesting things appearing on there and if you ask a question you always get a whole range of really interesting responses. A very valuable community and pool of knowledge and experience.

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