New bedroom design – Summary

A personal design for the preparation and layout of my new bedroom, experimenting with a different design framework and some new tools.

People based designREAP MOREPersonal designDesigned alone

Design period: September 2014 – April 2015

Client: Myself

Why is this design included?

Whilst designing my new bedroom is not particularly cutting edge, it was a type of spatial design which I have not tried before. I also decided to use the REAP MORE design framework, which was very interesting and helped me pull in my learnings from previous designs whilst also really taking ownership of the process. I also experimented with bringing in some of the 7 ways to think differently and some the 8 Shields technologies.

So with all of these edges that I stretched I want to make sure that I capture and share  my learnings from this design.


To make decorating and moving in to my new bedroom as smooth and enjoyable as possible, quickly creating a sanctuary for me in my new home with a bedroom that met my needs.

Key learning

This design has really taught me to follow my designers instinct and to use the framework as a help rather than letting it be a limit.

Top tips

  • When using REAP MORE, in the Assess, Place and Maintain stages make sure you first take the time to plan/design what you are going to do and then make sure you do it!
  • Give yourself license to experiment, try new techniques and be creative. They will give you a different perspective.
  • Do not strive for perfection in the first design cycle, having a go and then tweaking is a much more enjoyable and productive method.

Design tools used

Design tools used

Skills practised

Skills practiced


I consciously applied all of the three ethics to both aspects of this design.  Some of them I found easier than others to apply. Earthcare I was naturally considering anyway, peoplecare it was very valuable to be prompted to pay closer attention to this as it wasn’t the main focus of the design and therefore may have been forgotten. Fair shares I found more challenging to work out ways that I could actively support this in the designs, I wasn’t contravening it, but would have liked to actively support it more. I may have found it more applicable if I had considered the other name for it of ‘living within limits’.


I actively applied four different principles to each of the aspects of this design. I found it really interesting to discover that I had already come up with many ideas which worked with the principles. It is great to realise that permaculture thinking and approaches are becoming second nature to me.

Design Process

Design process diagram

Writing up and Evaluation

I am writing up and evaluating this design now so I can include it as part of my diploma portfolio. The nature of the design framework is that you continue to cycle through the last four stages so there is no distinct ‘end’. I have gone through all of the stages of the design framework at least once and I am well on the road to implementing the design elements I came up with.

Although I have included all of the ‘presentable’ paperwork I produced for this design I have not gone in to great detail about the decision making and thought processes that I went through. My key learning edge for this design was using the REAP MORE design framework and so I wanted to focus my writing up on that.

Evaluation tools used

Evaluation tools used


I am very grateful to the people who produced the REAP MORE mindmap, which seems to be ‘How Creative…’. Also to Bill Mollison for saying all the wise and useful quotes that are on there!

I have so much appreciation for my family and friends who have helped and inspired me throughout this design, especially my Mum for helping with the painting and my Dad and Teresa for helping with the moving and supplying me with lots of furniture and handyman help/ Also Crabapple Community for letting me live in this glorious place in this beautiful room.

I am also grateful to myself for all of the hard work I have put in and all of the things I have learnt in my diploma which I have made use of in this design. I am grateful for permaculture design, my creativity and all the wisdom of those who have come before me that I have built on for making me such a wonderful room I get to live in and enjoy.

Finally thank you to nature for producing all of the things in my room and for being such a beautiful edge, without which it would not be any where near such a beautiful place to be.

Now go to the full design write up.

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